Category Saturday

Old Church Café

Saturdays 10am-1pm. Bring your friends for coffee, cake and brunch. Donations encouraged and/or pay in forward. Contact: Rachel 0457171096.

Chess Club

Saturdays 10am-12pm. Come and play chess with us! Lots of boards and new friends to play with. No experience needed, all ages. Contact: Andre 0409848829

Civic Wardrobe

Saturdays 10-1pm. Pre-loved clothes shop, women's fashion. Find beautiful, quality, affordable pieces. Contact Jess: 0499795321.

Community Pantry

Saturdays 10am-12pm. Come and fill your containers with locally sourced pantry staples! Become a member to get a discount and to enjoy being part of our lovely community! Contact: Tan 0412919488 or become a member at

Garden Working Bee

1st Sat of the month 2-4pm: 6th Aug and 3rd Sep. Come and help plan, plant and care for our community garden. Both beginners and experienced gardeners welcome! Contact Ainslie 0458280402

Seed Savers

4th Sat of the month, 10-11am: 23rd Jul, 27th Aug. We save, we swap, we learn and share! Gold coin donation. Contact Nicole 0439841607

Celtic Music Session

2nd Sat of the month, 2-5pm: 9th Jul, 13th Aug, 10th Sep. Bring an instrument and come play Celtic music with us! Gold coin donation. Contract Brendan 0438431461