Lucy Wise ‘Taking Heart Tour’ Solo Concert

25/09/2022, 5–7pm With support set from Luke Watt. Book tickets online at:

25/09/2022, 5–7pm

With Support set from Luke Watt

Book tickets online at:

Lucy Wise is a Malmsbury-based singer-songwriter whose songs carry a powerful sense of connection with the stories and places that make us who we are. From the age of 7, Lucy performed in ‘The Wise Family Band’ at folk festivals around Australia. She has since toured three albums nationally and internationally, delighting audiences with her stunningly pure vocals and masterful songwriting. Her lyrics and melodies are warm and heartfelt, referencing the folk music she grew up playing, and tell stories of love, healing and relationships with our environment.

Starting off the afternoon will be Castlemaine-based folk/blues musician Luke Watt. With influences including Chris Whitley, Richard Thompson and Kelly Joe Phelps, Luke is a finger picker of great dexterity, drawing on elements of folk and blues to convey stories both dark and uplifting.

This concert forms part of Lucy’s “Taking Heart Tour”, in which she is performing a series of solo concerts through Eastern Australia, featuring songs from her upcoming new album, which is to be released in 2023.

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